About Lane Leaders

Leads, Referrals, Fellowship, Patronage

The backbone of Lane Leaders

Leads: A neighbor tells you about a business that's expanding. Your dentist notes that the vacant lot across the street will become a shopping mall. You talk to a surveyor you see as you drive to work. A customer comes into your shop and tells you about the new CEO of a local firm. All of these are examples of leads. You and over a hundred twenty others share hot information at the next "Leaders" breakfast meeting. A Lead is important timely information that could result in thousands of dollars of new revenue to your business.

Referrals: You've learned from a regular client that they are in need of a new phone system. You let a "Leader" firm that sells telephones know about their need. You've now "referred" to them a potential new customer. Before long other "Leaders" are referring their clients-needs directly with you.

Fellowship: As a "Leader" you'll brush shoulders with over a hundred fifty quality business owners every week. You'll develop life-long friendships through "Leaders." Plus, it's always easier to do business with a friend. "Leaders" offers many opportunities for fellowship throughout the year.

Patronage: Doing business with people you know can not only save you time and money, you will have the confidence that you are receiving the best quality products and services. Lane Leaders enjoy the extra added value of buying from someone they are already acquainted with, knowing that they'll receive a higher standard of service and convenience.

Lane Leaders is your most cost-effective promotional tool. You can't buy advertising that will give you a greater return on your investment than your membership in Lane Leaders.

Make Lane Leaders an integral part of your marketing plan. Over one hundred forty members will be looking out for you and your business. Nothing can sell your products and services like positive word-of-mouth.

Remember: People do business with people, not businesses.