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Founded as an executive business association in 1961, Lane Leaders has a rich history of bringing together top area business leaders for networking, connection, and fun!

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” — Chris Grosser

History of Lane Leaders

Founded in 1961, Lane Leaders Association is the one of the oldest executive business associations in Lane County.

Ron Houk of Salem, Oregon originally organized the association as the Eugene Leaders. In December of 1961, it was registered with the Corporate Commissioner of the State of Oregon as a non-profit association.

In 1969, Houk resigned. The membership of 34 firms assumed ownership of the association. They decided that it was time to employ a manager as an executive secretary, and hired long-time member Warren Miller, who had previously owned a men’s clothing store.

In 1972, with 58 members, Miller resigned and John Bristow was hired to fill the position. One year later, the name was changed to Lane Leaders Association to encompass a greater area of membership. By 1978, the association had grown to more than 100 active members.

In 1982 Bristow resigned as the executive secretary. Rhonda Hendricks was hired, the title was changed to executive director and she held the position for 10 years. From 1991 to 1998, three others have been executive directors. The last, Doug Dill, retired in 1998 and continued as an honorary member. Rhonda Hendricks returned as executive director in June 1998. Since that time, the association has had continued growth with an active membership of up to 160 active firms.

Eugene, OR 1961: Photographer Unknown

2021 Board of Directors

First Year Directors

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

Lane Community College
Small Business Development Center

Lane Community College
Gary Smith

Pam Newhouse

Top of the Class Clean, LCC

Top of the Class Clean
Gary Smith

Mandi Bloomer

Compulse Digital / KVAL

Compulse Digital

Second Year Directors

Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott

Elliott Image Media

Video Production
Judi Lamb

Judi Lamb

Northwest Exposures

Jeff Lozar

Jeff Lozar

LiveWire Electric, Inc.

Electric Service

Third Year Directors

Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy

Lane Apex Disposal

Garbage Collection
Jennifer Olsen

Jennifer Olsen

Past President 2020
About Touch

John Prevedello

John Prevedello

2021 Board President
Constellation Marketing

Advertising Agency

Ad Hoc Members

Gerry Gaydos

Gerry Gaydos

Hershner Hunter

Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris

Moss Adams

Bob Way

Bob Way

Honorary Member

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